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The author of Some Authors Deserve to Starve ends the first chapter by saying, “If you think that ‘Professionalism, content, talent, craft, and spellings are things a good can editor can fix,’ go back to school.”

We disagree.

There are ideas that ought not to be written, or are simply incomplete. But we, as Christians, have the mind of Christ.

And His ideas are always life-giving. Nor is it all about “filthy lucre,” as the King James so aptly puts it. It’s about the idea, not the money. Some ideas are so critical to changing the world that they must be “shouted from the housetops.”

So if you have a message to shout, a message of the Kingdom of God, but you don’t know how to begin, contact us today to see how we can help.

We know that you have options—maybe too many—when it comes to getting your book off the drawing board. Let us get you unstuck. Our commitment to bring forward products the world needs is backed by expertise and experience, the highest ethical standards, and an eagerness to bring what you have to give to those who need to receive it.

So what are we here for? We are excited to take you from rough to ready. From inception to impact. From stuck to success.

How can I get started?

Click here for a free article on the publishing process. It may be different than you think.

How can I get published?

Build a following. Write a book. Submit a proposal. Wait: write a book is second?

What do you offer?

Coaching through the whole process, editing, layout. Then perhaps we publish your book. Or maybe you do…!

Who are you?

Reify Press was created to make it more feasible for a Christian author to publish work of the highest quality, thereby building the kingdom of God.

Our Offerings

Coaching: If you are still in the writing phase, remember that a good coach is needed for any professional endeavor, partnering with you to put forth your best work.

Brainstorming: Together we can map out the plan to finish your book, create chapters, etc.

Writing classes: (still to come)

Book doctoring: rewriting your work for clarity and concision.

Content editing: hints on rearranging the presentation, editing the content for readability.

Line editing: Your work is done, but it needs some grammatical corrections.

Proofreading: The ideas are clearly expressed. Now let’s clean up those annoying spelling mistakes!

Proposals: You want a traditional publisher? We can help write your proposal so it gets attention!

Publishing process: You want to publish with us? Learn the whole publication process from start to finish.

Layout: The “cover flat” — selecting fonts, trim size, etc. — turns the manuscript into a book.

Cover design: They say not to judge a book by its cover … but everyone does it. Your input is valuable.

Platform: How do I develop a platform to sell my books? Hint: start before you are done writing it.

ISBN: Included when you publish with us.

LCCN: Library of Congress Control Number registration. Included.

Listing: on Amazon, IngramSpark, and other distributors.

A spot on our website!

The Biblical book of Amos

How God’s Word applies to our current situation, here in America. In this paraphrase, learn how Amos, a biblical prophet, would describe the United States.

The Biblical book of Amos answers questions relevant in the current crisis. However, as it written to the ancient Israelites, it is difficult to understand. This paraphrase, written as if to Americans, make the message clear and compelling. The anonymous author (“a non-Amos”) describes what may be our future, but offers hope to overcome our problems and come out victors.

This book is protected by a copyleft and may be downloaded at no cost. If printed on both sides, flipping the page on the short edge, it can be folded in half and stapled to form a small booklet.

Our Faith

We believe in God, the Almighty Maker of heaven and earth, and in Jesus Christ, His only Son. The proclamation of the good news of the kingdom of God is our highest aspiration.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“I just finished reading the edited manuscript and you did a phenomenal job! Although you reorganized my words to make it easier to read, you kept the heart of my story. It was as if I could see myself saying the words with a greater clarity. Thank you so very much, Roger! You are amazing!”

– Mindy

“Roger, you were indispensable in this effort. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Jim McNally

“… you are closer to me than a brother, and you are always looking out for me. Thank you for all your help, with editing and more. You have taught me a lot.”

– Julie Cherepanov Lewin

How could all of this come together without the clarifying deep thinking of Roger Shipman of Reify Press? You transformed my concepts into something real and tangible, I pray now a blessing for many.

– Bob Black

Your particular editing of my book, Hear the Word of the Lord, a Prophetic Life, was beyond par excellence. I just threw the material the Lord gave me at you and then you took into a book that is brief and to-the-point. I would recommend you for anyone that wants the best editing that I know.


– Rev. Ron Ott, MS, MDiv

Having Roger edit my book brought it to the level of professionalism that I was looking for. He did an excellent job with formatting as well as finding the mistakes that I could not and I recommend his services.

– Maryann Remsburg

“In obedience to the Lord’s request, I not only wrote out my full testimony of healing, but I also sent that story to Roger to edit. Knowing Roger, I trusted that he would not only edit my story well, but more importantly he would keep the heart of the story intact, and he did not disappoint. After receiving and reading the edited version, I was highly impressed at how well he took my words and reorganized them into something so beautiful. As I read the new version of my story I found myself believing the reorganized words on the page were exactly how I would say it. Roger is truly gifted in taking people’s personal stories and making them come alive on the written page without losing the heart behind the story itself. I am truly honored to know such an incredibly gifted and talented editor.”


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