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Our authors are godly individuals with stories that need to be told, who have trusted us to make substantive edits to their books and who are pleased with the results: God is lifted up.

Bob Black
Bob Black was nearly twenty years into a successful, stable career when God got his attention. After two years of struggle, he jumped — guided by a life mission — into rousing adventure. Drawing on his personal experience and trained as an advisor, he has since coached hundreds of people to likewise experience the adventure of their lives. Bob has a wife and two grown children and lives in Bend, Oregon.
Ron Ott
Ron Ott was called by God at age five. Although he rebelled at first, God called him back to repentance, and he has ministered for over six decades, on the west coast and now internationally. Over the past few years, using social media, God has used him to bring miracles of healing and salvation to thousands of people in Pakistan, Uganda, Kenya, and now India. Ron lives in Oregon.
Billy Wayne McCollum
Billy Wayne McCollum is the youngest of eight children, a proud native Oregonian of Scottish and Native American roots. He spent four years in the USAF, then worked as a baker and deli manager. He has an amazing wife and three very beautiful and respectful daughters. Bill has a deep desire to represent his heavenly Father so well in sharing simple Bible truths that others will come to know Jesus.
Annette Mulligan
Annette Mulligan is passionate about sharing her wellness and nutritional discoveries as an integrated wellness trainer/coach and independent consultant. She uses her superpower, her enthusiasm for life, to help others move forward in their goals. She loves long walks in the outdoors, and hanging with her family and friends, of which there are many! Annette lives in Oregon.

The Biblical book of Amos

How God’s Word applies to our current situation, here in America. In this paraphrase, learn how Amos, a biblical prophet, would describe the United States.

The Biblical book of Amos answers questions relevant in the current crisis. However, as it written to the ancient Israelites, it is difficult to understand. This paraphrase, written as if to Americans, make the message clear and compelling. The anonymous author (“a non-Amos”) describes what may be our future, but offers hope to overcome our problems and come out victors.

This book is protected by a copyleft and may be downloaded at no cost. If printed on both sides, flipping the page on the short edge, it can be folded in half and stapled to form a small booklet.

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A successful businessman has achieved so much but wonders; “Isn’t there more to life than this? Dare I risk my comfortable life?”

A newly divorced mother, forced to drop out of her nursing program, takes an administrative job to pay the bills. Twenty-five painful years later she wonders; “Will I have to endure this sentence for the rest of my life?”

His body now suffering from years of a labor, a man struggles to figure out what else he could do. He feels lost and purposeless.

For each the thought of a way out seems overwhelming. They’re trapped! Yet they are just 5 Steps and a Jump away from engaging the adventure of their lives. What is your story? What could it become? Are you ready to experience the adventure of your life?

Hear the Word of the Lord


Ron Ott was called as a prophet at the age of five and shown many things, including events yet to unfold. His life story validates and establishes his role and message.

Since These Things Will Be Dissolved


God is doing amazing things, and using those things to teach us how to live in these final days of the present age. Read Since These Things Will Be Dissolved for Rev. Ron Ott’s insightful teaching on how to rely on God and overcome during the troubles to come.

The Little Book of James: A Devotional


When we cease to exist on this earth, how will we have affected it? We all want our lives to count, to have made a difference. Christians need to convince people with their lives that belief in Jesus Christ is essential.

In the song “Three Wooden Crosses,” sung by my favorite country western singer Randy Travis, an impression made by a dying preacher on a prostitute left an indelible mark on me as a listener. I strongly suggest you sit and ponder the message of the song, because the message in and with our lives is most critical. We can’t afford to be complacent.

The sketch on the cover was drawn by my good friend Fran Higgins. Like the woman in the song, Fran desired to know truth and searched in vain to find it. She searched for meaning through transcendental meditation, astrology, and many other avenues, but when Fran met Jesus with an open mind, she also embraced His story—the Bible—as did the prostitute in the song. At the age of eighty-six years, what an impact Fran is making with her life! She does have artistic ability, but I believe the Holy Spirit impressed on me to ask her to draw the cover design because she and this song represent Jesus’ passion for honest seekers. I didn’t know why I chose the scene of three wooden crosses to represent this devotional until now. The thread that runs through the Little Book of James and all of Scripture is the power of righteous living.

The preacher was on a bus headed for Mexico when it was struck by a semi-tractor trailer; dying, he left his blood-stained Bible in the hands of a hooker. Our lives, too, can be cut short by tragedy. Most likely we will live for several decades, but life is still short. Let’s focus on living each day, sharing with others the good news about Jesus. We do this through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, whom the Father used to raise Jesus from the dead. This devotional is dedicated to that purpose.

Listen—again and again—and let the message of “Three Wooden Crosses” sink into your heart.

Be blessed.

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