Reify Press was created to make it more feasible for a Christian author to publish work of the highest quality, thereby building the kingdom of God

We’re just getting started but there is much more to come!

Our vision is to see many more authors get their valuable God-honoring message out to the world.

Our commitment to the highest ethical standards and Kingdom values is firm, and our devotion to and proficiency in the most professional standards of editing is top-notch.









A published author once wrote a book with a chapter titled ‘Some Authors Deserve to Starve’ and ended the chapter by saying, ‘If you think that “Professionalism, content, talent, craft, and spellings are things a good can editor can fix,” go back to school.’

We disagree. It’s true, there are ideas that ought not to be written, or the story around them might not be redeemable.

But we, as Christians, have the mind of Christ. And His ideas are always life-giving. Nor are we in this just for ‘filthy lucre,’ as the King James so puts it.

So if you have a message that simply must get out, but you don’t know how to begin, let us help.

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